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What Should Your Bridesmaids Pay For?

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We know that asking your bridesmaids to pay for certain things can be tough, and it can get awkward when your expectations don’t line up with theirs—especially when they’re doing so much to support you already. Whether it’s coordinating the bridal shower or bustling your dress at the wedding, be honest about what you expect from your crew, up front about all costs associated with their commitment, and willing to compromise wherever you can. If you’re gracious and understanding, they will be too. To get the conversation started, here’s a complete guide to what bridesmaids are and aren’t typically expected to pay for.

Traditionally, how your bridesmaids get to the wedding and where they stay is on them, but they should feel comfortable discussing their financial needs with you.

Wedding Ensemble

Bridesmaid dresses, shoes and accessories (including jewelry, unless you’re gifting it to them) are their responsibility.

Bridal Shower Gift

One wedding gift is usually enough (see below) and a bridal shower gift is by no means required. But if the party has a fun theme like a lingerie swap, it’s possible to participate without purchasing a huge gift off the registry—or another huge gift altogether.

Bachelorette Party

Your pals are responsible for all décor, activities, food and drink on your hen night.

Wedding Present

In money, time and effort, your bridesmaids are paying for a lot, so don’t be shocked or offended if they don’t get you a wedding gift. If they do plan on gifting you something, they can always go in on one thing with other bridesmaids. You might prefer to receive one nice gift over several less expensive ones anyway. 

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