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Bachelorette Party Invitation Etiquette

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Invitations with map motif

Bachelorette party invitations, which are sent out at least six to eight weeks prior to the party, are a fun way to pump up the gang for an upcoming bach-bash. Since bachelorette parties are typically less formal than any other pre-wedding function, there’s more leeway when it comes to the wording and format of their invitations. 

Bachelorette Invitation Theme
Play up the theme of the bachelorette party if there is one, and remember that this is a fun, informal celebration! We suggest choosing colors and patterns that pair well together in order for the bachelorette party and invite to have a cohesive look. If you are throwing a Girls Night Out bash, then bold colors and champagne bottle motifs will be your best option. One way to help highlight the theme is by listing it after or before the bride-to-be’s name, so it reads “Join us for [insert bride’s name here] Weekend in the Woods.” Guest will know right away that the bachelorette party will be a rustic affair.

The Date and Time
After you’ve squared away who the bash is honoring and the theme of the party, you’ll then want to include the date and time of the party. We suggest listing the day(s), month and year, as well as, the exact time you wish for the party to start. You can either write out the date and time or, you can have it read “Saturday, August 17 2017, 8 p.m.” When choosing the date of the bachelorette party, remember that the bash is thrown about a month prior to the wedding. Whether it’s a one-night event or a weekend-long getaway, be sure to mention the full dates so guests can mark their calendars!

After you’ve provided the location and address for the party, add contact information for the person who is handling they RSVPs. We also suggest including a clear deadline, so you know exactly who can or cannot make it and don’t have any last-minute cancellations. An email or phone number will work the best and it can typically read “Please RSVP to [insert contact info] by September 21.”

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