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The #1 Question, How do I measure myself?


It is always best to have an alterations expert, seamstress or someone else take your measurements using a soft cloth measuring tape. It is not good to pull the measuring tape taut, instead make sure that it loose by at least one finger, this will ensure the best fit for you.

What you need:  A soft measuring tape, an awesome person to help & our guide below

1. Measure Bust: Measure with your bra on and place the tape measure around your bust line. Make sure that the tape is around the widest part of the back, and straight  fullest part of your bust.  Do not put the measuring tape under the bust line. 

2. Measure Waist: Measure your natural waistline at its smallest point, usually above the belly button. Do not suck-in your stomach. Your waist should be approx about 5-6 inches from bottom of bust.

3. Measure Hips: Stand up straight again and with your feet together and flat on the floor.Measure your hips at the largest part usually at the level of the hip bone. It's usually six or seven inches below your natural waist. Hip measurement is irrelevant for dresses with a full skirt.   




Pregnant/Post Pregnant Bridesmaids

Congrats!! We are here to help with some general information. We will say there is no general rule upfront to the sizing, it really varies from woman to woman. Most of the times we find woman are a few months into pregnancy at the time of ordering, so we say order a few sizes up to be on the safe side. If your going to be more then 6 months pregnant at the time of the wedding we say order a Maternity Style Dress in which we have. We always say wear what will compliment you personally then trying to worry about fitting into a style that cannot work for you. Most of our designers will have the same colors available in the Maternity and Material, the style just might not be the same. If you need more help, please contact us. Most designers require a bust measurement for a maternity style. It is always better to go a slightly bigger by several inches to allow for bust growth during your pregnancy as it is easier to fit down than to let out. 


If you are planning on breastfeeding, you will need to allow for several inches in the bust area. If you are not planning on breastfeeding, yet feel you may or may not return to your standard dress size, every woman body's works differently after having a child.  However, we recommend going up a couple of sizes to be on the safe side. Empire waist styles are a great option if you are planning to become pregnant or pregnant at the time of ordering, empire waist allows for more room in the stomach belly area.


My measurements put me in a larger size than my normal street dress size, why is that?

This is totally normal for a specialty ordering and the bridal industry brands.  This is very common.  A woman that may wear a 10, may wear a 12 or 14 in some size charts shown below.  Remember, that every designer makes their own chart, so the rules are not standard across the board like everyday brands you may used to. Just keep in mind that a dress that may have a fuller bottom or skirt area may have room to play because it flowy in your hip measurements.  If the dress meets you at your waist, then the waist measurement will be very important.  Check if your style allows for a little extra room, depending on the cut of the dress.  If its a tighter skirt area, then the hips will also come into play.  If your busty, you know for sure you need that dress to come in that will cover your bust size and waist if it's a flowy skirt.  

Remember for a perfect fit, most dresses will need to be altered 

  • The waist is generally easy to take in. 
  • Most dresses can be taken in 1-3 sizes & let out 1 size usually (depends on seam).
  • Bust & waist are usually altered for best fit. 
  • Length is very important. It's very difficult to extend the length, unless there is extra fabric tacked down.If you are 5"7 & over, be sure to order extra length

For any other questions regarding Bridesmaids Dresses, we suggest you contact us. We would be happy to assist you with any information or inquiries regarding your dress.