#LEVKOFF Bridesmaids



Did you know in the history of the bridesmaid actually comes from the Bible. In the Bible, bridesmaids are referenced to as a “maid” in the story when Jacob married two women. The two women each brought their own maid, who were helpers in the wedding.

During the Victorian age, the position of the bridesmaid was more akin with modern bridesmaids. In the Victorian age, bridesmaid’s duties were to arrange flowers and walk down the aisle accompanying the bride to be. As the bridesmaids walked down the aisle they carried a flower bouquet which also contained herbs such as garlic and some grasses believed to ward off evil spirits not completely letting go of the traditions of the past. Today brides have bridesmaids for all kinds of reasons. While some have bridesmaids who are their closest friends, and make them part of the early planning stages to picking out bridesmaid dresses together. Allow Bella Mera Bridal to bring it all together for you, helping 1000's of bridesmaids all over the world.