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Seasons change when rebooking


With so many weddings being rescheduled well into 2021, 2022 and some further. Always consider the season your changing to, it's easy to forget if you have fallen in love with a certain color, theme or even bridal gown. Consider your bridesmaids dresses in what color, fabric and even down to your cake flavors. Some brides choose cake flavors based on the season and color of the frosting. Also consider a micro-wedding cake, with intimate weddings on the rise, brides are opting for smaller cakes and individually packaged desserts.

Changing seasons can also increase cost such as tents, heaters or more staff required due to a certain venue or even shorter time frame for your event than anticipated. Always make sure your venue is equipped to handle such a change or check to see if any policies change that will affect your bottom line.

Confirm costs from every angle from your vendors. Typically, a Saturday wedding will cost more than a wedding held on any other day of the week, so if your rescheduling your wedding to a different day other than Saturday, maybe the cost will go down for you.

If the wedding is moving forward and you have to many limitations, consider a full Virtual Live Streamed Wedding. With the average cost of a wedding around $33,900, a live streamed wedding can be little as $450 to include all your guests with a professional service or with a little know how on the tech side, you can arrange this yourself with the right equipment for a smooth internet streaming connection. Something to consider, you can still have your cake, dress, bridesmaids and all the main wedding essentials, just from afar.  Even though the average wedding cost is $33,900, it's a survey across the nation. 

Here are some states and how they average out per wedding

Virginia: $33,300 - Our region
DC: $40,600 - Our region
Maryland: $33,800- Our region
California: $39,000
New York: $48,600
Pennsylvania: $35,900
Rhode Island: $49,800
Texas: $30,200
Utah: $19,700
Vermont: $38,300



I know one more thing to your list as if you don't have enough already in the crazy time we are all in. It's a good idea for you to have one or have your wedding planner add this in for you, it is a common thing planners are doing to help. Stay at home orders vary state to state as things change daily. Be sure to update your guests, family and others so they know what's going in your state. COVID has forced the wedding industry to come to a slow rowing boat and navigating through muddy waters, but we're making it through!

Find creative ways to include your guests who cannot make it. The ones who cannot travel or the ones you had to remove from the guest list due to COVID. Add a virtual component like zoom, google meet or facetime to offer some personal one to one with some family members who are deeply saddened they cannot attend. Plan a livestream Mini Ceremony just for them.

Another creative inclusive idea is to include some family members on the venue walk through or even the cake tasting via livestream.

Keep in mind your honeymoon plans or be prepared those dates may change. So many ways to cut down person to person contact, you just have to find the area your willing to let go and move forward while keeping safety at the forefront. Some brides even tell us they cut all celebrations leading up to the wedding but not the actual wedding.

Lastly, check on site alcohol curfews that may be imposed in your state, they change from state to state now with COVID. You may have to stop the bar service shorter than anticipated which will cut down on alcohol costs in some cases, so check with your wedding vendor how that will be handled.


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