Wedding Veil Try On Box

At Home Wedding Veil Length Try On Program

-For Curbside, In Store Pick Up Only or We can ship it the box to you. The cost is $50 and this includes 7 plain edge veils (no beading or lace of any kind, just raw cut edge). This kit is solely to help you determine what wedding veil length to order and plain tulle as shown below.  If your ordering a veil with us and not sure of what length you need, then this will be a great fit for you.

 Please schedule a phone consultation below to learn more about this service or if your ready to book

The next booking for this service will start 10/1/22

Here is how the fee's work. You pay the $50 to reserve your date and the veils, we will guarantee your veils will be ready at the allotted dates you choose. All veils come on a comb and ready to try on. They are steamed disinfected and combs wiped down with alcohol before any new box is mailed out.  You can also clean the combs with the Complimentary Alcohol Wipes provided.  

What's included with my Wedding Veil Length Try On Kit?

[All veils have a non-removable security tag on the comb and they are not to be worn for weddings/photography]

  1. 30" Wedding Veil
  2. 36" Wedding Veil
  3. 41" Wedding Veil
  4. 108" Wedding Veil
  5. 120" Wedding Veil
  6. 144" Wedding Veil
  7. 2 Tier Fingertip Wedding Veil

What is the pick up schedule for the veils?

2 options available:

  • Monday pick up and Friday drop off (11am-4pm)
  • Friday pick up and Monday drop off (11am-4pm)
  • Shipping the box to you (shipping rates apply)

Do you have damage or extra costs?

If any veils comes back damaged, the full replacement cost is charged to your card.

Will I get the $50 fee refunded if I order my veil online with Bella Mera?

  • If you make a purchase for any veil $100+, we will refund you $20. 
  • If you make a purchase for any veil $150+, we will refund you $30
  • If you make a purchase for any veil $250+, we will refund the full $50
  • If you make no purchase with us, the $50 is not refunded at any time

(Any purchase has to be made within 30 days to receive the credits above)

The $50 fee is to account for the service provided & not refunded at the time of purchase or drop off. You do get free us shipping and and you can always check our offers page for special promotions. 

What is the cancellation policy?

Once you pay the $50 fee, it becomes non-refundable and non-cancellable after 24 hours of booking. So please be sure you want this service before paying for services.


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