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Authentic Merchandise

Bella Mera Bridal Boutique
21580 Atlantic Boulevard S#120B
Sterling, VA 20166 (Dulles)

Phone: 202-470-3030
Toll-Free: 888-200-7820

We truly value your trust and are proud to sell only authentic new, fresh, current merchandise.  All of the merchandise that we sell is guaranteed to be authentic and new. We purchase our merchandise directly from our designers, brands and vendors, not any third party companies ensuring the authenticity of the merchandise we sell. You can trust your getting the real deal at Bella Mera Bridal.

At Bella Mera please know customer service and client satisfaction is our main priority. We pride ourselves on offering first class service to customer before, during, and after a sale. We're available to answer your questions, give shopping advice, and lend a helping hand. 

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Authentic Merchandise

Bella Mera does not sell fake merchandise
Bella Mera buys direct from the source & has active accounts 
Bella Mera is an Authorized Retailer with a Storefront and Online Store
Bella Mera has one website

We work very hard to maintain our good standing accounts and only offer brands that we believe in. We don't have to offer a money back guarantee for authenticity or gimmicks to entice to you to purchase from our website. We feel by doing so, we're saying there could be a possibility of something not being authentic and not real.

If you feel something you have is not authentic your claim must be sent with detailed documentation in writing to the Manufacturer (if applicable) or we can provide you with our proof we're authorized to sell for a particular designer or vendor. You can call the vendor directly as well.

Before even offering for sale to you, we have already worked with our vendors & merchandise goes through careful inspection including overall workmanship, stitching, color, dye lots, quality of material, we check for quality hardware, logo, serial number/date code where applicable plus inspected to ensure consistency with the particular designer's standards of quality and in accordance with year of production. We will never offer an item for sale if we did not believe in our trusted vendors.

If you have a question about a supplier or authenticity not listed, please contact us.

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