Alteration Costs

How much will alterations cost? 

When it comes to Bridesmaids Dress alterations, Veil Alterations or Flower Girl dresses the cost can vary by each state. The cost of alterations is based on the size, fabric, complexity and difficulty of each task, most alteration stores will need to see you in the actual garment to discuss fit and personal options. Bella Mera Bridal does not pay for alterations, these are your own personal costs once you receive the item. You will choose your own size or length based on the designer size chart. Most veils are not altered, but the most common would be shortening the veil or adding a blusher.

Most payments for alterations are due at the time of your first fitting with your local alterations person or a deposit. Remember to budget the cost of alterations when choosing a wedding gown or bridesmaids dress. Most bridesmaids dresses will need the sides adjusted, hem line shortened and waist adjusted. Total cost of alterations can range from $25 to $200, most standard $75 to $150 depending on how many adjustments are needed.

 Will I need alterations?

This is completely up to you but generally is required for a perfect fit for a bridesmaids dress. You may wish to tweak your dress with your local seamstress. It is important to communicate any concerns you have about your body shape and any fit issues with your seamstress so she can make the right adjustments.


Remember, some places will offer you one total price or charge you separate fees:

Typical Costs for Bridesmaids Dresses & Flower Girls

  • Take in sides (Side Seams) - $15 to $25 each side
  • Hem Line Adjustment - $35 to $50
  • Add Bra Cups - $10 - $15
  • Take in the waist line - $25 - $85 
  • Zipper Take In - $20 - $25
  • Add Shoulder Straps - $15 + Cost of Fabric
  • Pressing by a Seamstress - $15 - $30
  • Darts take in - $10 each side
  • Custom Bow with same fabric - $35 + Cost of Fabric

Typical Costs for Veil Alterations

  • Shorten Veil - $30 - $35
  • Velcro Blusher with velcro detachments - $35 - $55
  • Add Standard Sewn Blusher - $25 - $35
  • Replace broken new comb - $10 - $15 (*depending on the edge type and beading can raise the price)
  • Bustling your veil - $10 - $15
  • Mantilla Drop Pins - $5 - $10 per pin

Alteration costs are cost that are additional on top of your purchase, if needed. We do not offer in-house alterations.

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