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(By Appointment Trunk Show 2/28 thru 3/9/2020)
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All services in store require an appointment to be able to offer the level of service we want share with you; some appointments require a styling fee. Most appointments are scheduled 2 - 4 weeks in advance. We offer a private shopping experience and not crowded around other guests. We have a personal approach for customers seeking private styling consultations. Most of our customers require time, guidance, color selection, sizing assistance, style selection and custom ordering. 


What does it mean that your boutique is By Appointment and can you tell me about your appointments?

By appointment means that an advance appointment is required to shop at anytime. You will have the boutique privately booked at times with one other party, we have experienced staff that will set-up for your appointment, ensures refreshments are available or pull items based on your specifications and be ready to go at your appointment time. You get answers, knowledge, ordering and styling advice at your appointment uninterrupted guaranteed. 

If I schedule a Fitting and Measurement Appointment only, will I get the same service?

Absolutely, we will have your specific styles already pulled for you and a private fitting room + a stylist solely for your appointment. Our customers are happy about being assisted promptly, on time and with knowledgeable answers for this appointment type.

How many bridesmaids dresses are available to view?

You will be able to browse over 200 bridesmaids dresses in store, but we usually pull your favorites and narrow down the selection before your appointment.

Why can't I just walk in for assistance or shop the same day I find something online?

We love that you want to visit. The boutique is all by appointment which means an advance appointment is required for any visit, so we can prepare for your appointment, discuss your event date, your requirements and what you may be looking for. We would happy to assist you booking a future appointment, we provide every customer a private shopping experience or you can order online 24/7. Online inventory varies greatly from what we showcase in the boutique.  The showroom and the online shopping are different inventory.

How much do you charge if I only need to get measured only?

Complimentary Measuring Services are only available when making a purchase or a $35 fee will apply for measuring only.  You can use the Measure Only Form listed below.  This is a pre-paid service for bridesmaids that just need local measurements for an out of state party or another store.

Do you have every item in your boutique listed online?

The boutique has limited space and has select merchandise in the showroom, we do not have every item in store listed online. Please be sure to confirm before making an appointment. We do have over 200+ bridesmaids for viewing, wedding veils, tiaras, crowns, jewelry, earrings and gown preservation kits. 


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(*This appointment type is for solo bridesmaids or bridesmaids not registered here and just need to try on dresses and/or get measured by a consultant for sizing. A $30 pre-paid is required and 100% refundable/credited to your bridesmaids purchase here in the store, not credited to online purchases*)

This service was created to service shoppers that are not part of a bridal group registered here who are local and need measurements/try on service only for another store or purchasing elsewhere. You can also use this set-up if your planning on purchasing from here and we'll gladly refund the $35 to your purchase. We only measure complimentary if the bride has pre-registered your party or you plan on purchasing here.

We find bridesmaids you use this service when they are the only local bridesmaids and the bride lives out of state with local bridesmaids. We are by appointment only, so we don't have walk in availability for you to come in for browsing and try on dresses at leisure. Appointments will be approx 1-2 weeks from the date of request but a guaranteed time will be set for you and a dressing room. Even if the bride contacts us from out of state for a local bridesmaids the fee still applies.

This is appointment type includes:

One to One consultation for 45 minutes. You can try on up to 7 different bridesmaids dresses, review the Designer Size Chart, discuss sizing and the best size to order. You will walk away feeling more confident about what size is best to order. We offer the Bust, Waist and Hips measurements only.

We know you may not be ready to purchase the same day as you may need to show the bride or others your selection first. Please note, this $35 does not apply to online orders or pricing, the $30 will be credited towards your in-store price of the dress. A purchase is not required as some just come to get sized for another store.



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This appointment is for brides who have a wedding date set and want to come in with her bridesmaids to choose or try on dresses. Some brides usually have a color already in mind or some styles choices they may already like. Please feel free to share your likes styles before the appointment. This appointment does require the bride at the appointment prior to beginning the appointment or trying on any dresses to go over her favorite selections or select the dresses that she approves for her wedding. Measurements & sizing advice are only done at the time of purchase. This booking is for any bride bringing at least 3 or more local bridesmaids. The bride is required at this appointment 



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A "preview" appointment is for brides who have a wedding date set wanting to preview our bridesmaids dresses and pick some styles prior to your bridesmaids appointment or ensure she wants to book her entire bridal party here. This appointment is for brides with 3 or more bridesmaids in her party. The initial consult will offer you 45 mins one to one time with a stylist regarding particular styles you’re interested in, along with styling advice and garment & production knowledge. We have over 200+ plus bridesmaids to view in store.

During the 45 minutes, you will be able to get a feel of some styles/fabrics. Please note this appointment is solely for the bride & dresses are not tried on during this time.



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This is a pre-scheduled 30 minute private appointment time to browse/try on wedding veils, tiaras, wedding combs, crowns and occasion accessories with one to one service & you may be browsing with another customers during your appointment. The stylist will have 10 to 20 wedding veils for you to try on, that is pre-selected by Bella Mera with various edge type such laces, beaded veils, simple edge and mostly fingertip veils. You will be able to view the catalogs, swatches and be able to place an order that day if you would like. The selection online is much greater online and you can see view some color catalogs in the store, online you get a high resolution experience and can browse 24/7, get prices and choose at your leisure. Prices are not always the same in store and any purchase in the store is final sale, online you can return with a return fee. Some veils you can take that day in that color for special ordering it will be same processing times you see online. 

Note: If you're looking for a specific style number only, specific color and length you can see that online. We don't pull specific style numbers at your appointment. Our inventory is not all at our showroom location, but we have a selection you can get an idea of the designer or quality & maybe find something you love that day. We also have own exclusive brand Bella Mera Studio and most of those items are same day available of your appointment



 A "private styling" appointment is for brides who have a wedding date set and who has her gown who requires assistance with selecting a wedding veil or accessories. A bride will receive a dedicated uninterrupted 60 minute one on one shopping session to view and try on a range of bridal veils, sashes & headpieces available in store and via catalog. Please bring your gown in with you to take advantage of our advice for coloring options. The initial consult will offer you 60 mins to speak with a stylist regarding particular styles you’re interested in, along with styling advice and garment & production knowledge. Please note this appointment is solely for bride and up to 4 guests. You will be provided with an in-depth questionnaire to complete prior to scheduling your one-hour bridal styling evaluation. If you'd like, our personal bridal stylist will create a follow-up e-file that includes: veils, accessories and links to complete your bridal styling process to help you make an informed buying decision with us or we will email the selections of what you have purchased. We will also show you to create an online account and save your favorites before coming to the appointment. 



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We get the question "What is the best way to clean my gown? Schedule an in person appointment and bring in your gown here in our Washington, DC store for wedding gown cleaning services only or wedding gown preservation services. We welcome all wedding gowns for cleaning services even it wasn't purchased here and we also take vintage gowns. We highly suggest taking your gown to a Wedding Gown Preservation Authorized Dealer like us to purchase your wedding gown preservation services. For those of you, who want to handle the process on your own, you can purchase our Wedding Gown Preservation Kit Shown Here. You can also view the video that shows you how to pack your gown yourself to send direct to the Memories Gown Preservation Company or Wedding Gown Preservation Company. If your interested in having your gown cleaned only for resale or want to clean a used gown, contact us.



(If your making a purchase online & not sure where to start, we can schedule a brief 10 minute phone call to help you navigate)

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Our virtual online accessory styling call gives you the opportunity to interact privately with one of our expert bridal consultants no matter where you live. Ask 5 detailed questions and send us some favorites before scheduling the call, just use the form link above. This phone appointment type is for customers who have a wedding date set and who has her gown who requires assistance with selecting a wedding veil or accessories. A bride will receive a 10 minute one on one shopping session via phone to discuss a range of bridal veils, sashes & headpieces available with a brief guided tour online and how to shop our website. The style consult will offer you 10 mins to speak with a stylist regarding particular styles you’re interested in on our website, along with styling advice and garment & production knowledge. You will be provided with an online questionnaire to complete prior to scheduling your bridal styling evaluation. Learn about detachable velcro blushers, sew in blushers, how long a blusher should be, different colors available for your veil, different edge types and more!  Yes we can cover all that in 10 minutes!  Depending on your questions, so please have no more than 5 key questions that your really need to ask about our website or a product.  If you require a more in depth consultation, we can provide that for a $35 fee for 45 minutes, this would allow you up to 45 minutes of time and time to send us photos of you in your gown.

With your Online Showroom, you can add the items that we feel best suit you. You can simply click the photo to purchase any item. We will also show you to create an online account and save your favoritesYou will no longer have the frustration that comes from surfing the internet, sending countless emails to several different places, unreturned emails or limited services, calling store to store and not getting help or call backs!  The end result is specialized service and allowing to use our knowledge and make shopping suggestions for you based on experience. So finding accessories becomes easier than ever!









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