At Home Flower Girl Dresses

At Home Rosebud Flower Girl Try On Program

-For Curbside and In Store Pick Up Only. Schedule your time to chat below and choose your favorites, schedule a time to pick up your dresses. The cost is $35 and this includes 3 dresses, fitting clips and measuring tape. These dresses can be used for communion, birthdays, formal events and more.

 Please schedule a phone consultation below to learn more about this service or if your ready to book

Currently, we provide this service to Virginia, D.C. and Maryland customers who have a local driver license to provide at pick up 

Thanks for your interest! Schedule a time below to discuss your options. The Flower Girl or Communion Dress Try On At Home allows for you to choose 3 dresses from our select inventory, not all dresses are eligible that you see online. Sizes range 2-6 only.

Rosebud Dress Try On Styles online shown here:

You can purchase any Rosebud Dresses shown here:

Here is how the fee's work. You pay the $35 to reserve your date and dresses, we will guarantee your selections at pick up. Upon pick up we will ask for your Driver License to confirm that you are local & the credit card that was used for payment. Fitting clips and measuring tape will be provided with your dresses. 

What if I want to pick up more than 3 dresses?

You have to return the 3 dresses you have and checkout an additional 3.

What's included with my sample dress pick up?

  • Up to 3 dresses
  • Fitting Clips
  • Measuring Tape

What is the pick up schedule for the dresses?

2 options available:

  • Monday pick up and Friday drop off (11am-4pm)
  • Friday pick up and Monday drop off (11am-4pm)

This option allows you to plan it your way in the comfort of your own home on your own time. 

Do you have damage or extra costs?

If any dress comes back damaged, the full replacement cost is charged to your card, any broken zippers are at a cost of $35. Any additional day is charged a $40 fee. 

How do I select the dresses?

You can choose 3 Dresses from our online inventory  - 

Will I get the $35 fee refunded if I order my dresses with Bella Mera?

The $35 fee is to account for the service provided & not refunded at the time of purchase or drop off. This is to account for wear and tear on the dresses, account for our samples and steam disinfecting the dresses. You do get free us shipping and 10% off off your order and you can always check our offers page for special promotions. Please email us for the coupon code.

What is the cancellation policy?

Once you pay the $35 fee, the date is reserved and we start finalizing your dresses. The $35 does become non-refundable and non-cancellable after 24 hours of booking.


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