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Memories Wedding Gown Preservation & Cleaning Services

Please fill out the contact form below with your gown info, original price and when you purchased the gown. Thanks for your interest.

​​We get the question "What is the best way to clean my gown?   We highly suggest taking your gown to an Authorized Dealer like us to purchase your Memories Wedding Gown Preservation Services.  For those of you, who want to handle the process your self, we will show you how to pack your gown yourself to send direct to the Memories Wedding Gown Preservation Company or allow us to handle the process from beginning to end.  Bella Mera Bridal is an Authorized Dealer & we would be more then happy to assist you with this process.  At Bella Mera Bridal we offer wedding gown preservation services. Our preservation cleaners are very reputable and trustworthy. The expert seamstresses and pressers will repair, clean, and oversee the preservation of your bridal gown after your wedding is complete.