Wedding Gown Preservation & Cleaning Services
​​We get the question "What is the best way to clean my gown?  We highly suggest taking your gown to an Authorized Dealer like us to purchase your wedding gown preservation services.  For those of you, who want to handle the process your self, we will show you a video how to pack your gown yourself to send direct to be cleaned or allow us to handle the process from beginning to end.   Bella Mera Bridal is an Authorized Dealer & we would be more then happy to assist you with this process. Our preservation cleaners are very reputable and trustworthy. The expert seamstresses and pressers will repair, clean, and oversee the preservation of your bridal gown after your wedding is complete.
Cleaning your dress leaves a nice print on the Environment
Our cleaners use green dry cleaning solvents, which mean a healthier, long-lasting wedding dress for you to cherish. Memories Gown Preservation solvents are perc-free to make your gown soft and odor-free. Plus, they filter cleaning solvents for every garment.
How To Get Started?
To get started, you can order the kit online HERE to ship direct to you.
Online Package ~ Memories or The Wedding Gown Preservation Online Service ~ Ships to your doorstep
*Door to Door service, Purchase Online, You pack your gown and track your own gown
For those of you who cannot make to us, we do offer the Preservation Services door to door, we will send the Gown Preservation Package Direct To Your Door Step with detailed step by step instructions to mail directly to our partner. Fully insured both ways. The kit will be sent directly to your doorstep and lower in cost due to self-checking out. 


What preservation services are available?

  • Memories Preservation & Gown Cleaning Standard Price - White Preservation Chest or Black Preservation Chest
  • The Wedding Gown Preservation Co.- White Preservation Chest or Silver Preservation Chest
  • Vintage Wedding Gown Preservation Services  | Baptism and Christening Gown Preservation & Cleaning 
  • Gown Cleaning only services 
  • Christening Gown Preservation
  • Wedding Veil Preservation Services 

 What's included or available in the service?
  • 2 - 6 Week Process | 14 day Rush Services available for an additional fee
  • All packages include a Warranty from our service provider
  • Guarantees Against Future Yellowing 
  • FREE Preservation of Up to 3 Additional Accessories (Garter, Bridal Purse, Veil, Gloves, etc.) with The Wedding Gown Preservation Co.
  • Complimentary 2-way Shipping with UPS
  • Track Your Gown anytime
  • Shipping Insurance Include in Price |  Additional Insurance available
  • High Quality Preservation Chests with Peek A Boo Viewing Window
  • Acid Free Tissue Paper & Preservation Bust to Maintain Form with Acid Free Clear Display Window

What will I be able to see thru Gown Preservation display window?

Your preserved wedding dress and veil is positioned in front of the window. If you wish to include other items for preservation, they will be placed at the bottom of the window or underneath the dress.


What stains can be removed from my wedding gown?

Stains are inevitable no matter how hard you try to protect your wedding dress during the big day. Your sweeping dress is victim to stains from the environment and uncontrollable moments during the reception when you wind up wearing your food and drink. Part of our wedding gown dry cleaning process is to remove stains from dirt, blood, tar, grass, mud, cake, icing, alcoholic beverages, and soda.


How can I prevent my gown from turning yellow?

Keep your gown away from heat or sunlight and store it in a cool dry place. Plastic bags will emit fumes and cause your dress to yellow. Keep in mind that silk yellows more than nylon or other synthetic fabrics.


Can I check on the status of my gown with any package?

Yes at anytime once your gown is checked in! With our call in Track Service; Gown tracking system your dress is never out of sight. Just call us or Memories to locate your dress wherever it is in the process so you never have to worry. If you opted for In Store Option, we send you automatic updates.


Can I preserve other items with my gown with any package?

Yes, Yes and Yes! Accessories that can be included as part of the Wedding Gown Preservation kit are your veil, detachable train, gloves, handkerchief, shawl, jacket, cape, duster, small purse, money bag, ring pillow, garter, scarf, and/or hat. Additional fees may apply. This service is available with your gown preservation services. These items are packed in with your gown or you can choose to have your veil boxed separate for an additional fee. (Garment Bags are not available for cleaning). 


How can I personalize my gown preservation chest?

Personalization cost's additional and will be portrayed with vinyl lettering on the front of the gown chest! To specify the personalization message you want on your gown chest, simply purchase the personalization option. You may also contact Memories Gown Preservation or email us at & give us your personalization message.

Notice: We must have your personalization message and payment method within 24 hours of the receipt of your gown or we will NOT be able to add it to your chest


Who is responsible for the care and tracking of my gown with the In Store Package?

Each gown is assigned a Gown Coordinator during it's cleaning process, who is in charge of your gown from the moment it enters the cleaning process to the moment it is packaged and ready for pick up or sent back to you. We're here to answer any questions or concerns you may have. You can track your gown at anytime 24/7 online but we do the checking for you with this service.

And then what happens?

  • After 1-2 weeks, you can check the status of your gown cleaning with your Serial Number
  • Your gown is cleaned, steam pressed, busted and carefully stuffed with acid free tissue with our preservation partner 
  • Your gown is boxed and sealed with a heavy grade film and double boxed with a carrying handle
  • And we save the best for last, we will notify you the gown is now preserved and ready for safe shipping back to you or pick up here in the store


More questions, We're to help!

Please call 888-200-7820



Memories Platinum Gown Preservation Kit

Green Earth Cleaners




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