How to care for your Veil/Tiara


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How to care for your veil 


Some Wrinkles, don't fret, they come out with ease........

Upon receiving your veil, carefully unfold it and hang from the center of the comb- by clipping the comb on a hanger, using your own clip or one of our Veil Clips. (For long drop veils, keep the veil lying flat or draped over a hanger with as few folds as possible). If your wedding is soon approaching (less than a month or two) keep the veil hanging so that the folds, wrinkles, or creases from shipping may fall out of the material.  The longer it hangs, the more the wrinkles will naturally fall out.  We suggest protecting your veil from dust by placing it inside a Protective Garment Bag, or by gently covering it with a cotton pillowcase or sheet (you'll need to cut a small hole in the center for the hanger to come through). 

Hang your veil in an uncrowned closet where the temperature will remain moderate until you are ready to wear it. Keep your veil out of the reach of curious pets.

To soften up the veil after shipping, and for hard to remove wrinkles: Veils may be steamed with a home steamer or by a professional (make sure to caution of any embellishments- these will be fine- they just need a little extra care by letting the veil completely cool before shaking or moving too much). Do not apply an iron to your veil.

If you are getting your wedding dress altered and pressed, a good seamstress should have no problem steaming any wrinkles out of your veil at the same time. You can also take your veil to a dry cleaner for steaming. Or you may even wish to hang your veil in the bathroom while running a hot steamy shower and leave in there for about 5 to 10 minutes and wrinkles come out like magic! 

Steam is the best way to remove wrinkles and soften the veil!  

Let the veil completely cool before moving it. Do not attempt to iron your veil. You will risk melting the delicate materials it is made from. If the iron is too hot it will melt the material upon first touch.

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 How to care for your tiara/hair accessory/hairband……


Upon receiving your tiara/hair accessory/hairband, Great care is taken to cover the band with pearls or crystal so that attachment wiring cannot be seen wherever this is possible from our designers. Every effort is made to ensure that your purchase is carefully packed.  In the unlikely event that you find that your tiara/hairband has bent slightly in transit the wires may be eased gently back into place but please be aware that over twisting or sudden impact will snap the wires.  


Please remember the band and wires are gold/silver plated and, therefore, may tarnish in time. Please use only necessary hair products are used and that tiara/hair accessory/hairband is only placed into hair that has been allowed to dry from washing and hair products.

Keeping in a white pillowcase will help keep from discoloration. Keep your headpiece out of the reach of curious pets.



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