Bridesmaids Party Registration

Welcome to Bella Mera Bridal Boutique in Washington, DC - Georgetown. We invite this opportunity to work with you and your bridal party for online purchasing of your bridesmaids dresses. We have a specialization in larger bridal parties but love working with smaller parties, so whether you have 2 or 16 bridesmaids, we're here to help.

We invite you to schedule a complimentary phone consultation or if your ready to sign up today, please use the form below. We can assure you that everyone receives in store service even from afar or the comfort of your home at fair prices online. If your calling after hours we have Pre-Recorded information, please call 202-470-3030, Extension 8. This for Online Bridal Party Registration Only, which means all your ladies place online orders for the dresses. We offer them online at promo rates.

All dresses are shipped and hand packaged by us. Each dress is folded over and then wrapped in tissue. You can rest easy knowing we don't outsource shipping to other companies or states. We physically check each dress for color, sizes, ensure extra length, print invoices, print shipping labels and upload your tracking. 

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 Bridesmaid Wedding Party Wine Bag Gift

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*Ask about adding gifts to send with your Bridesmaids Dresses, a perfect unexpected touch and gift for them*


How does it all work?

Lets make this simple for you. With bridesmaids in different states, time zones & work/family schedules, this option will ease some time and maybe some stress for some ladies. This method keeps everything in one place, one company to work. When you pre-register ahead of time; each person can place their own order & ensure all your orders come into one bridal party file. They can order 24/7 and enter their own shipping address, credit card number and product details. Once all the orders are in, we will contact you to notify you and get approval to submit the orders. We do charge a fee to get measured in store for online customers, for in store registrations at in store prices, measuring is free. We can also send them an Email Invite to your bridal party or Welcome Email.

How do I Register My Bridal Party today?

Please fill out the Bridesmaids Party Registration form below, we will confirm receipt of your registration within 1-3 business days. We have information on how to measuresize charts and everything they need to place orders. We accept all major credit cards and paypal. Once the dresses are ready to ship, you get notified and the ladies will get tracking numbers for their shipments. More questions?  Email us: or call 202-470-3030.

Do you sell Authentic Bridesmaids Dresses?

 Yes!  Please verify our Authorization to Sell here and our Authentic Policy.

Are the prices already discounted and can I get a better price?

Most prices online are already discounted 15% off regular Retail Prices allowable by the Designer. Your bridesmaids party saves ordering online and in store the prices are 15% higher then what you see online. We only offer fair prices online due to your bridesmaids completing the checkout process online, already having their size, choosing their own selections and that saves us time/floor time in the store, therefore we pass those savings onto you. You can see all packages available below on the bridesmaids party registration form.

Do we receive free us shipping and tracking?

Yes each order will receive Free Shipping and No Tax. If any item is shipped in Washington, DC, sales tax will be charged online. All bridesmaids dresses come with a Personalized Tracking Page. Free shipping is postal services 3-7 days from the date of shipment, if they wish to add insurance or upgrade to UPS, please see checkout options. All dresses are shipped directly from us. 
What should my bridesmaids expect once they receive the dress?
Each dress will come in a disposable clear plastic bag and folded over neatly. The dresses are wrapped in purple or lavender tissue and neatly placed inside the container. If you elected for them to receive garments bags, the garment bag is wrapped around the dress in the clear bag.
How do I save my bridesmaids dress selections in my own Showroom?
That's very easy to do. Once you set-up an account, you can save the dresses inside your account and your party can view what you like. It's an excellent way to preview all your great wedding ideas, from bridesmaids dresses and wedding accessories and favorites. You can easily create a Virtual Showroom. As a bride it gives you a head start in selecting the bridesmaids dress styles & you can even email your wedding "preview" to your friends and family to get their feedback! See a SAMPLE BRIDESMAIDS SHOWROOM LINK HERE.


How many bridesmaids are required to use the bridal party registry?

For the entire service and to fill out the bridesmaids party form below, we do require at least 3 bridesmaids. However, if you only have two bridesmaids and still want the orders placed together, we can offer that service. Just email your name & contact information, event date, color, style, designer they are ordering, their first and last names and a bridal party file will still be set up for you, once they place the two orders, we will contact you for approval.

More questions, see the form below or send email us