Bridesmaids F.A.Q's


Are the prices already discounted and can I get a better price?

Online prices are already discounted & marked 15% off regular Retail Prices allowable by the Designer. Your bridesmaids party saves ordering online and in store the prices are 15-20% higher than what you see online. We only offer discount prices online due to you completing the checkout process online, already having your size, choosing your own selections and that saves us floor time in the store, therefore we pass those savings onto you. 



Is there a charge for sales tax?

There is no charge for sales tax on all orders shipped outside of Virginia. All Virginia customers are charged the state sales tax.

What is your return policy, cancellation and change policy?

Our order fulfillment and shipping platform are designed to send orders very efficiently with automation, even after hours. Our processing begins as soon as an order has been placed, therefore we cannot change, cancel or modify orders. We do not cancel/refund orders in midstream at anytime. Bridesmaid dresses are final sale, non-refundable & non-cancellable.

We cannot accommodate cancellations, size changes, color changes, exchanges or refunds except for an errors that may have occurred. We do guarantee that you will receive the dress the style number you ordered, in the size and colors listed on your invoice. Please note, our designers are unable to cancel or make any changes or modifications to any order once it has been placed & we have received a confirmation number. 

Are you an authorized retailer for my bridesmaids dress?

We are an authorized retailer of all of the designers and collections featured on our website. All of our dresses are 100% original, ordered from the actual designer & are shipped directly to us from each designer.


What is Bridal Party Registration?

This method keeps everything in one place, one company to work. When you pre-register ahead of time; each person can place their own order & ensure all your orders come into one bridal party file. They can order 24/7 and enter their own shipping address, credit card number and product details. Once all the orders are in, we will contact you to notify you and get approval to submit the orders. We can also send them an Email Invite to your bridal party or Welcome Email.

How do I Register My Bridal Party today?

Please read more here Bridesmaids Party Registration, we will confirm receipt of your registration within 1-3 business days. We accept all major credit cards and paypal. Once the dresses are ready to ship, you get notified and the ladies will get tracking numbers for their shipments. More questions?  Email us: or call 202-470-3030.



How do I ensure every dress comes from the same dye lot or with my group order?

The designer usually uses the same dye lot for all dresses that are the same style number. If you set up a bridal party group, we will keep all orders together, and place it as one with the designer to ensure the same dye lot. If they have different style numbers, it's possible they will not be the same dye lot and could have some slight variation in the color with different styles numbers and fabrics.

How do I know what size to order?

Each designer/manufacturer creates their own size charts, which reflects how they cut their sizes. It is important that you follow the individual designer's chart to decide your size. It is always best to have an alterations expert, seamstress or someone else take your measurements using a soft cloth measuring tape. It is not good to pull the measuring tape tightly, instead make sure that it loose by at least one finger, this will ensure the best fit for you. Please choose your size based on the chart only, not everyday sizing. The designer will be unable to accommodate any changes to the size once the order has been placed & all bridesmaids orders are final sale.

Am I am responsible for choosing my own size?

Yes, the customer is solely responsible for the size ordered, we will provide the Designer chart to you. You will have to decide if extra length is required. We cannot assume any responsibility for your own measurements used at the time of ordering or should your size change. Please be sure you order based on the size chart and double check your invoice that all details are 100% correct. Even if you call via phone and we suggest a size based on those current measurements, you are still responsible for choosing your own size at checkout. We don't take verbal claims of sizing, you make these selections online yourself & you are 100% responsible for the size you decide to order.

My measurements put me in a larger size than my normal street dress size, why is that?

This is totally normal for a specialty ordering and the bridal industry brands.  This is very common.  A woman that may wear a 10, may wear a 12 or 14 in some size charts. Remember, that every designer makes their own chart, so the rules are not standard across the board like everyday brands you may be used to. Just keep in mind that a dress that may have a fuller bottom or skirt area may have room to play because it flowy in your hip measurements.  If the dress meets you at your waist, then the waist measurement will be very important. Check if your style allows for a little extra room, depending on the cut of the dress.  If its a tighter skirt area, then the hips will also come into play.  If your busty, you know for sure you need that dress to come in that will cover your bust size and waist if it's a flowy skirt. 

Do you pay for alterations if my dress doesn't fit?

We are not responsible for any cost of your alterations. Most dresses need alterations for a perfect fit.  


What is Free US Standard Shipping?

If you choose our Free Shipping, it is for continental U.S. orders only. Free Shipping is 3-7 business days once the dress is shipped and No Signature Delivery. If you wish to upgrade to Signature or add Insurance please contact us or choose a different method at checkout.

What is a Rush Order & does that include shipping?

Rush order simply means that Bella Mera Bridal/Manufacturer/Designer cuts or produces your product/order sooner than the normal production or processing time in a much faster time frame. Processing time does not include shipping transit time. If you pay for a 9 week rush and 2 day UPS that would mean, we ship it out within 9 weeks and the method will be 2 day UPS. Rush is a service that is optional and shipping is for freight costs only. When you pay for shipping that DOES NOT include rush fees of any kind. 

Will I get tracking information for my bridesmaids order?

Yes, when your package is ready for shipment. We will email you when you order is ready and the status will be changed to "shipping in 1-3 days". Then your items will ship within 24-72 hours after that. When it has shipped, you will get another email with the tracking number and you can log in to see the tracking number once you have been notified it's been shipped.  If you received your shipped email, it was located inside that email.  You can also log in HERE to get your tracking number.

Will upgraded shipping get my dress made faster?

If you choose Upgrading Shipping it will only speed up shipping times; it will not speed up production time or get your dress made faster. But you can upgrade your shipping from the free standard.

How can I add Signature Delivery or Insurance for my order?

If you would like a signature for your bridesmaids dress order, this does cost extra. If you chose Free Shipping, please contact us within 7 business days to pay the fee for Signature Delivery. If you wish to insure your package, please contact us for rates or choose a method at checkout that includes signature or Insurance. Any insurance option is the USPS insurance. All claims are filed direct with them, we do not offer refunds for lost packages.

Do you pay for my International duties or custom fees?

We are not held responsible for any additional charges such as taxes, duties, tariffs, or brokerage fees that may apply to international orders up on arrival in your country. Please contact your local government to find out how much your item would cost to be received in your country. International shipments can take 5-21 days to arrive in your country once it passes customs. Please check with your local postal carriers to find out which is the best to choose for delivery. We do not ship free internationally.


(Saturdays/Sundays, Holiday closed days are not counted as business days)(The below is for special custom ordered dresses, not quick ship dresses)

How accurate is my ship date & why is it estimated?

Please note all ship dates are Estimated Dates/Tentative only and not 100% guaranteed they will ship on the exact date shown, it's an approximate date based on what the Designer gives to us. Manufacturers do not guarantee their ship dates since their production can vary based on the factory. Most dresses typically ship on time, but it's possible a dress could ship 1-2 weeks early or 1 week later then posted. Rush dates are slightly more accurate & a fee is charged for this service by the Designer & they issue a more round about date for shipping. Calculate in your shipping time as well with any ordered dress. 

How long does it take to make a bridesmaids dress?

We recommend for all bridesmaids to order as soon as possible so the manufacture can begin fabric allocation. We work off production and delivery timeframes provided by the manufacturer/brand. See the below for general time frames. 

Dessy manufacturers take around 9-10 weeks and Bill Levkoff 12-15 weeks for them to get the merchandise to us for standard. Both manufactures offer rush at 8-9 weeks approx. During peak seasons, factory closed dates, some manufacturers may require additional time or change ship dates. Our rush prices online are reduced significantly then our in store rush prices.

  • Dresses are not made to order based off your current measurements, you choose a size closest to your size on the chart for each designer
  • Approximate ship dates shown do not include shipping time to you
  • Free Shipping is 3-7 business days standard mail with tracking, no signature or extra insurance
  • Designers reserve the right to change a date that we have posted; and we would contact you about this if a change occurs
  • Designers charge a rush fee to have your dress made quicker if the factory changes your ship date
  • Deliveries are considered on time within a 1-2 week window, you should order rush if you want a more secure date
  • Delivery Dates are updated every week & if a change occurs with your date, we will contact you


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