Bridesmaids At Home Service


(Service not available 3 days before and 3 days after any Major Holiday such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years)

Thanks for your interest! Schedule a time below to discuss your options. The Bridesmaids Try On At Home Soiree allows for you to choose 10 dresses from our select inventory, not all dresses are eligible that you see online. They will be in random sizes, colors in the styles you choose.  Most sizes will range from 8-16. They are not consecutive sizes/colors in one style. 

Here is how the fee's work. You pay the $99 to reserve your date and dresses, we will guarantee your selections at pick up. Upon pick up a $200 deposit is required and is fully refunded when the dresses are returned. Size charts, fitting clips and measuring tape will be provided with your dresses. Garment Racks and Chairs available for rental. 

What's included and can I rent a garment rack?

  • 10 dresses
  • Fitting Clips
  • Measuring Tape
  • Swatches
  • Size Charts
  • Free Swag Gift box for the Bride
  • Friendly Customer Service

Rentals: Garment Rack rental is $15 and White Chiavari Chairs are $5 each (8 maximum to rent)

How many days can I keep the dresses?

Keep the dresses for 3 days total or extra day's at $35 each. This option allows you to plan it your way in the comfort of your own home on your own time, invite all your besties and family. With having them 3 days, allows for other bridesmaids to come on different schedules. We will provide a Stylist on call that will be available either text or email, should you have questions while your hosting.

Do you have damage costs?

If any dress comes back damaged, the cost is $99 and any broken zippers are at cost of $25. Any additional day is charged a $35 fee and will come out of the $200 deposit, usually the bride will call us and ask to extend this at the $35 daily rate. We can only extend up to 2 additional days. 

How do I select the dresses?

You can choose 10 Dresses from our online inventory  - (Sizes:8-16 mostly) 

Will I get the $99 fee refunded if I order my dresses with Bella Mera?

Yes, you will receive a full refund, if you purchase between 2 or more dresses within 30 days of dropping your dresses off, we will refund the $99. If you do not make a purchase after the 30 days, the $99 becomes non-refundable and non-transferrable. This is to account for wear and tear on the dresses and account for our samples. 

Will I get the $200 deposit refunded once I drop off the dresses?

Yes, this fee is Fully refundable at the time of drop off minus the one time $20 cleaning flat fee, we will check the dresses in together for any damages. The only time this would not be fully refunded is if you accidentally damage a dress. Please report any damages before dropping them off.  Your refund at the time drop off would be $180.00. Note: The $99 Fee is only refunded if you purchase between 2 or more dresses within 30 days of dropping your dresses off. In essence, this service can cost you only $20 in the end, if you purchase your dresses here.

What is the cancellation policy?

Once you pay the $99 fee, the date is reserved and we start finalizing your dresses.  We have a 14 day cancellation period. For example, if you reserve your Bridesmaids Try On Service for 1/15/2020, be sure to cancel on 1/1/2020 for a full refund of the $99, so we can offer the date to someone else.


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