Latte (Taupe) Color

This season, we’d like to introduce our new veil color, latte!Less gold than our traditional champagne, our new latte is a soft,barely there taupe hue that beautifully complements the latest designer gown. These veils come in the Latte Color, the photo may not be the Latte Color, most of the veils listed also come in White, Ivory, Diamond White and Some Lush.
Here is a list of Bel Aire Bridal Latte Color Veil Styles
Items marked with * = Available with Ivory Lace
Items marked with ** = Available with Gold or Silver Lace
V7011* | V7011C* V7175* | V7175C* V7270** | V7270C** V7270CX** V7360* | V7360C* V8176 V7018* | V7018C* V7183* | V7183C* V7273* | V7273C V7365** | V7365C** V8177 V7034* | V7034C* V7034CX* V7187* | V7187C* V7281** | V7281C** V7367 V8178 V7056 | V7056C V7198 V7284C V7369* | V7369C* V7369CX * V8227* | V8227C* V7107* | V7107C* V7209* | V7209C* V7300* | V7300C* V7370* | V7370C* V8228 V7114* | V7114C* V7210 * V7302 | V7302C V7371 V8334 | V8334C V7121 V7221** | V7221C** V7303 | V7303C V7372 V8537* | V8537C* V7140 V7226* | V7226C* V7312 | V7312C V7380 | V7380C V9892 V7150* | V7150C* V7150CX* V7234 V7313 V7381* | V7381C* V9894 V7159* V7240* | V7240C* V7240CX* V7314 V7383 | V7383C V9993 V7160 V7250 | V7250C V7321 V7387 V9994 | V9994C V7161 V7251* | V7251C* V7322* V7391* | V7391CX V9996 | V9996C V7162* | V7162C* V7162CX* V7252* | V7252C* V7336C* V7404C* V9997 | V9997C V7163 V7254* | V7254C* V7350* | V7350C* V7415C V9999 | V9999C V7164 V7256 | V7256C V7355* | V7355C* V7416* STV141* | STV141C* V7165* | V7165C* V7257 V7357* | V7357C* V7417* V7168* | V7168C* V7261C V7359* | V7359CX* V7418
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