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Below please find our FAQ for some common asked questions, if you have other questions, please just send it to

Dress Ordering Guidelines: To ensure a smooth process, please provide an event date set at least 2 weeks before any chosen ship date. For instance, if your event is on June 1st and you opt for a June 5th ship date, we regretfully won't be able to process your order. This time frame accommodates shipping, transit, and potential alterations. Should you require expedited service, you can select the Rush option during checkout.

  • Free US Shipping: Delivery typically takes 3-7 Business Days from the shipment date. Tracking details will be provided.

  • International Shipping: We do offer international shipping. However, please note that any applicable customs fees or taxes are the recipient's responsibility.

  • Dress Ship Dates and Rush Options: Each dress listing specifies the ship dates, and rush pricing is available as needed.

Most Asked Questions

  • Question Are you an Authorized Retaile & do you offer promotions? showhide

    We are an authorized retailer of all of the designers and collections featured on our website.

    Click the Sale tab above and then offers


  • Question Will I get tracking with my order? showhide

    Rest assured that for every order you place, you will receive a tracking notification via email once your item has been shipped. This will keep you well-informed and enable you to track the progress of your order until it reaches your doorstep.If you have any questions, please contact us directly at: and we are happy to have answers!

  • Question Will I be notified if something is out of stock, if I place an order? showhide

    Certainly! If an item you've ordered happens to be out of stock, we will promptly notify you via email. Our aim is to keep you well-informed throughout your shopping experience, ensuring that you have the most up-to-date information about your order status. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we're here to assist you every step of the way.

  • Question What is your return policy, cancellation and change policy? showhide

    Our order fulfillment and shipping platform are designed to send orders very efficiently with automation, even after hours. Our processing begins as soon as an order has been placed, therefore we cannot change, cancel or modify orders. We do not cancel/refund orders in midstream at anytime. All dresses are final sale, non-refundable & non-cancelable. [Some Quick ship dresses are returnable, these dresses are shipped in less than 2 weeks].


  • Question What is a Rush Order? showhide

    Rush order simply means that Bella Mera Bridal/Manufacturer/Designer cuts or produces your product/order sooner than the normal production or processing time in a much faster time frame. Processing time does not include shipping transit time. If you pay for a 9 week rush and 2 day UPS that would mean, we ship it out within 9 weeks and the method will be 2 day UPS. Rush is a service that is optional and shipping is for freight costs only. When you pay for shipping that DOES NOT include rush fees of any kind. 

    If you have any questions, please contact us directly at: and we are happy to answer your questions!

  • Question How long will it take for my dress to arrive? showhide

    We recommend for all bridesmaids to order as soon as possible so the manufacture can begin fabric allocation. We work off production and delivery time frames provided by the manufacturer/brand. See the below for general time frames. **Quick Ship dresses ship anytime from 7-10 business days**

    During peak seasons, factory closed dates, some manufacturers may require additional time or change ship dates. Our rush prices online are reduced significantly then our in store rush prices.

    • Dresses are not made to order based off your current measurements, you choose a size closest to your size on the chart for each designer
    • Approximate ship dates shown do not include shipping time to you
    • Free Shipping is 3-7 business days standard mail with tracking, no signature or extra insurance
    • Designers reserve the right to change a date that we have posted; and we would contact you about this if a change occurs
    • Designers charge a rush fee to have your dress made quicker if the factory changes your ship date
    • Deliveries are considered on time within a 1-2 week window, you should order rush if you want a more secure date
    • Delivery Dates are updated every week & if a change occurs with your date, we will contact you


  • Question How accurate is my ship date and why is it estimated? showhide

    Please note all ship dates are Estimated Dates/Tentative only and not 100% guaranteed they will ship on the exact date shown, it's an approximate date based on what the Designer gives to us. Manufacturers do not guarantee their ship dates since their production can vary based on the factory. Most dresses typically ship on time, but it's possible a dress could ship 1-2 weeks early or 1 week later then posted. Rush dates are slightly more accurate & a fee is charged for this service by the Designer & they issue a more round about date for shipping. Calculate in your shipping time as well with any ordered dress. 

  • Question Can you tell more important info about your Try At Home Sample Dress Program? showhide

    We provide this service for bridesmaids & customers who are unable to make it to us and would rather do this in the comfort of their own home. 

    Important: You can keep the dresses up 7 days total. If you do not send the dresses back, we use the credit authorization on file and will have to charge you the retail price listed online for the entire amount of the dress plus the shipping fee we incurred. We are transparent upfront about this charge and it only occurs if you don't reach out or the dress is not returned. Often times, others are waiting on the dress, so please be keep in touch.

    • Return them within 7 days total
    • Shipping is included both ways
    • Dresses cannot be taken out of the country our out of the original shipping state 
    • Sample Dresses are to be returned in the same condition received
    • Report any issues with your dress within 2 business days 
    • If a delay will occur in shipping the dresses out, we'll contact you right away
    • Sample Dresses are not to be altered in anyway or worn for events
    • You will only be charged additional fees if the dress comes back damaged, we would contact you first with a quote
    • Example damage costs would [$1.00 for each missing button, $10.00 for missing dress tags, $30 Broken Zipper or $20 if the Security Tag is removed (This tag is impossible to remove unless you take a scissor to the tag or sharp object). Again, these charges will be communicated to you.

    Repairs: If you know you have damaged your sample as it can happen, please let us know ahead time and we'll know to expect on return and so the next customer is not waiting for the dress, we have to repair the item and want to give ample to time to the next customer.


Sizing - Dye Lots - Size Charts


  • Question What is a Dye Lot and can you tell more about Dye Lots? showhide

    A color dye lot is assigned to a batch of dresses usually from the same style of dress from the same collection so they all match in color. The designer usually uses the same dye lot for all dresses that are the same style number. If you set up a bridal party group, we will keep all orders together, and place it as one with the designer to ensure the same dye lot. If they have different style numbers, it's possible they will not be the same dye lot and could have some slight variation in the color with different styles numbers and fabrics.


  • Question How do I know what size to order? showhide

    Each designer/manufacturer creates their own size charts, which reflects how they cut their sizes. It is important that you follow the individual designer's chart to decide your size. It is always best to have an alterations expert, seamstress or someone else take your measurements using a soft cloth measuring tape. It is not good to pull the measuring tape tightly, instead make sure that it loose by at least one finger, this will ensure the best fit for you.  Check out the designer’s size chart found on each dress page and compare your measurements to the suggested size from the size chart. Please choose your size based on the chart only, not everyday sizing. Also, remember, don't not choose a size that will only fit your waist, when your bust calls for a much larger size. We suggest that you order the size that accommodates your largest measurements. The designer will be unable to accommodate any changes to the size once the order has been placed & all bridesmaids orders are final sale.

    If you have any questions, please contact us directly at: and we are happy to have answers!

  • Question Am I responsible for choosing my own size? showhide

    Yes, the customer is solely responsible for the size ordered, we will provide the Designer chart to you. You will have to decide if extra length is required. We cannot assume any responsibility for your own measurements used at the time of ordering or should your size change. Please be sure you order based on the size chart and double check your invoice that all details are 100% correct. Even if you call via phone and we suggest a size based on those current measurements, you are still responsible for choosing your own size at checkout. We don't take verbal claims of sizing, you make these selections online yourself & you are 100% responsible for the size you decide to order.

  • Question Can you tell me why my measurements are putting me in a larger size? showhide

    This is totally normal for a specialty ordering and the bridal industry brands. This is very common. A woman that may wear a 10, may wear a 12 or 14 in some size charts. Remember, that every designer makes their own chart, so the rules are not standard across the board like everyday brands you may be used to. Even if you wear a size 8 in one bridesmaids designer, doesn't mean it's the same for another. Just keep in mind that a dress that may have a fuller bottom or skirt area; may have room to play because it flowy in your hip measurements.  If the dress meets you at your waist, then the waist measurement will be very important. Check if your style allows for a little extra room, depending on the cut of the dress.  If its a tighter skirt area, then the hips will also come into play.  If your busty, you know for sure you need that dress to come in that will cover your bust size and waist if it's a flowy skirt. 

  • Question Why are alterations needed for a better fit? showhide

    Most formal dresses will need some sort of tailoring, so the dress is perfected for that special day. These special moments will create lasting memories for many years to come when looking back at photographs and videos. Since our dresses are not made to order based of your measurements. We suggest that you order the size that accommodates your largest measurements. A tailor will have their own prices for such alterations and these are at your cost. We are not responsible for any cost of your alterations. Most dresses need alterations for a perfect fit. With special occasion it is very common to get alterations, usually in the bust, waist, hips and hem line.

  • Question What if I am between two sizes and do you have any other sizing tips? showhide

    If you are between sizes, no need to fret!  We’d recommend that you order the size that will accommodate the most fitting part of the dress, taking into account for the style of the dress that you are ordering and where your measurements are needed most. Bust and waist are usually accounted for right away, as many dresses can be flowy in the waist area. If you have a fitted dress, hips are important to pay attention to. As with special ordered items, you will most likely need alterations for a perfect fit. For tailoring costs, you can call a local tailor in your area.

    • Dresses are not made to order based off your current measurements, you choose a size closest to your size on the chart for each designer
    • If your are taller then 5"7 before heels, we do recommend Extra Length [Always take into account heels you might be wearing]
    • Make sure all your measurements covers the size that you are choosing in comparison to the style 
    • If your bust is 36, and the size you want has a bust of 32, but the waist size is perfect, you will need to change the size that covers both areas
    • If you wear a size 8 in one bridesmaids designer, doesn't mean it's the same for another. 
    • Start by measuring your bust, waist and hips and comparing to the size charts we provide
    • We do sell fabric by the yard, should you need that for alterations
    • If your pregnant or post-pregnant, please feel free to reach out at


  • Question Why are some plus sizes assessed extra costs? showhide

    This cost is due to more being fabric being used for larger sizes. Most of our dress designers do charge an additional fee for plus sizes. You can see each product page to see if any fee would apply. 

  • Question Do you offer Bridal Party Registration for my bridesmaids? showhide

    We provide this service for bridesmaids who are unable to make it to us and would rather do this in the comfort of their own home. This method keeps everything in one place, one company to work. When you pre-register ahead of time; each person can place their own order & ensure all your orders come into one bridal party file. They can order 24/7 and enter their own shipping address, credit card number and product details. Once all the orders are in, we will contact you to notify you and get approval to submit the orders. We can also send them an Email Invite to your bridal party or Welcome Email.

    Please read more here Bridesmaids Party Registration, we will confirm receipt of your registration within 1-3 business days. We accept all major credit cards and paypal. Once the dresses are ready to ship, you get notified and the ladies will get tracking numbers for their shipments

    • You can choose promotions for your party
    • Group discounts may be available depending on your party count
    • Everyone can use the same log in online and the bride will be notified on every order 
    • We will hold the orders until everyone has ordered to ensure dye lots and shipping times


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