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Let's plan your Bridesmaids Try On Service!

Below please find our FAQ for some common asked questions for our Sample Try On Program, we offer two options, if you have other questions, please just send it to

Try On At Home Dress Sample Program is available to anyone in the US for up to 5 dresses

Hosting your own Bridesmaids Dress Party at Home for up to 10 dresses is available to local brides only [Access to 100's of dresses]

The F.A.Q's below are geared towards Option #1, if your booking the At Home Bridesmaids Party with 10 dresses [VIEW HERE]


  • Question Can I host my own Bridesmaids Party at home with my bridesmaids since COVID-19 won't allow us to come as a group? showhide

    This is a convenient option for our local brides and safer way to host until we start group appointments. You can pick up your dresses in store.

    1) Choose 10 of your favorite bridesmaids from our online inventory link

    2) Arrange a curbside pick up and bring your selections home

    3) Gather with your girls and have an in-home try on party complete on your time

    A Cleaning fee will apply for at home try parties

    Schedule A Time to chat here -

    Learn More here -


  • Question How many dresses can I order to try on at home & what dresses can I order for this program? showhide

    You will be able to choose up to 3 dresses from any the dresses listed for Option#1 as listed above or you can choose up to 10 dresses with our At Home Bridesmaids Try On Party if your local with a VA, MD or DC Driver License. They do come with a white security tag and ID#, that have to be returned with the dress and not removed to account for the samples.

    For Option#1 - All available try on samples are here -

    For Option#2 - You will be able to choose from 100's of dresses, more dresses options are available with this option

    If you have any questions, please contact us directly at: and we are happy to have answers!

  • Question To confirm, the price is $40 per dress? showhide

    You only pay the $40 per dress fee today. You are only charged the retail price if the dress does not come back at all, not postmarked by the 7th day or comes back damaged. Damage would be tears, rips, holes, severe odors, full of animal hair or stained. We ensure all dresses are checked and clean before being sent out to you. If you see any issue, notify us right away.

  • Question Do you provide any support? What’s your response time? showhide

    Please add our email: to your address book to ensure our response email isn’t marked as spam mail.

    In Store Hours: By Appointment

    We will try our best to reply your emails as soon as possible.

    – We will reply to your email within 2-5 business days during our limited hours due to COVID

    – Regarding texts, we will reply once available.

  • Question How do I get a return label for option#1? showhide

    We will send your return label with your dresses and you can reuse the same box it will be sent in to return them. Please postmark within 7 days total. 

    If you have any questions, please contact us directly at: and we are happy to answer your questions!

  • Question Can my Try on At Home fees be credited to my final order? showhide

    The $40 initial fee you pay for dress covers the service to use the program and the shipping costs. In fact, most times it only covers the shipping cost to you. We provide this service for most shoppers intending to place orders on our website.


  • Question What forms of payment do you accept and can you ship to PO Boxes? showhide

    We accept payment methods such as Apple Pay, Credit Card, Debit cards, Paypal. [Prepaid cards are not accepted, we will have to cancel your order if a prepaid card is used]. We are unable to ship to PO Boxes or International Addresses, we would have cancel and refund your order.


  • Question Can you tell more important info about your Try At Home Sample Dress Program? showhide

    We provide this service for bridesmaids & customers who are unable to make it to us and would rather do this in the comfort of their own home. 

    Important: You can keep the dresses up 7 days total. If you do not send the dresses back, we use the credit authorization on file and will have to charge you the retail price listed online for the entire amount of the dress plus the shipping fee we incurred. We are transparent upfront about this charge and it only occurs if you don't reach out or the dress is not returned. Often times, others are waiting on the dress, so please be keep in touch.

    • Return them within 7 days total
    • Shipping is included both ways
    • Dresses cannot be taken out of the country our out of the original shipping state 
    • Sample Dresses are to be returned in the same condition received
    • Report any issues with your dress within 2 business days 
    • If a delay will occur in shipping the dresses out, we'll contact you right away
    • Sample Dresses are not to be altered in anyway or worn for events
    • You will only be charged additional fees if the dress comes back damaged, we would contact you first with a quote
    • Example damage costs would [$1.00 for each missing button, $10.00 for missing dress tags, $30 Broken Zipper or $40 if the Security Tag is removed (This tag is impossible to remove unless you take a scissor to the tag or sharp object). Again, these charges will be communicated to you.

    Repairs: If you know you have damaged your sample as it can happen, please let us know ahead time and we'll know to expect on return and so the next customer is not waiting for the dress, we have to repair the item and want to give ample to time to the next customer.

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